This site is part of the iState.TV network. This is what iState is about:
iState is a network of sites and social media platforms that cover news, from govcare to conservative news, from sports to celebrities. We cover the sublime, the critical, the absurd and the fun. We do this through curated news that we call newsblurbs, articles, reports, short videos, podcasts, and video shows.
iState advocates for the smallest state possible, the state of one. But we hope to walk with as many people as we possibly can toward a goal of, at the very least, diminishing the role of ‘the state’ (what we like to refer to as the coercive enterprise) in our lives.
Are you a potential iStater? Here is the simple question to ask yourself:
Do I prefer the state or do I think it’s a necessary evil? The key word here is NECESSARY. If you believe the STATE is NECESSARY, but you’d prefer it wasn’t, then you are an iStater. You are willing to go down the path to discover if we as humans can govern ourselves, can magistrate ourselves, without the current model of human governance that we have, the state, or the coercive enterprise, in place.
In that spirit, iState will cover news and views from within that wide range of ‘governance’ perspectives (you might call it politics). But, at our core, we support reduction of dependence on coercive associations and greater dependence on non-coercive associations.
We wish to help facilitate conversations and actions that take us down a path of exploring the possibility of less and less coercive association in our lives. If you’re willing to travel down that path with us, even if you believe coercive enterprises are a NECESSARY evil, then you are an iStater. Welcome to the state of one.
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