…..let’s list seven things Walmart has done which make it vastly better for the poor and middle class than Barack Obama’s tenure as president was.

1. Low Prices

When it comes to Walmart versus Barack Obama, let’s just think about when Barack Obama ever really saved a poor person money. He spent most of his first term fighting fracking which cost people money in higher prices.

2. They Hire the “Un-hirable”

I grew up in a town where Walmart was a viable employer for a lot of people. A lot of people who were not from the financially best backgrounds found a place they could easily get a job, a stable wage and be financially happy.

3. Analytics

Examine how much time Walmart puts into data on low income communities to find shopping habits, income trends, growth, and ways in which communities are failing or thriving. .

4. Foreign Aid

Simplest point on the topic of foreign aid is Walmart China. Walmart China now with almost a hundred locations has brought lower cost goods, and new goods, to Walmart spreading American culture.

5. Safety for Workers

If someone is an employee at a small business and they slip and fall, they’ve likely knocked that small business out and won’t be compensated much.

6. Disaster Relief

Examine every hurricane or major disaster in the last two decades. Walmart is the company giving out a lot of free food and water while also preparing people better than anyone else.

7. Access to the Inaccessible

The final point is that Walmart was the company which said people in rural America deserve the same prices and the same goods sold in major cities.

How Walmart Has Helped More People Than Barack Obama – Being Libertarian

Just to get this article going, I’ll say something which people wouldn’t guess from the title. I actually think Barack Obama was a mediocre to kind of good president when everything was said and done. His first term with Reid and Pelosi having power for half of it was a disaster, but with Clinton le…