Pentagon Not So Ready to Comply with Trump’s Wall Emergency

The Pentagon is signaling it might not so easily comply with President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration to garner alternative funding for the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico.  The Pentagon is asking HHS to specifically identify how border wall construction will improve ‘effectiveness’ of military troops guarding the border

 The Pentagon Wants to Know How a Border Wall Will Improve Troops’ ‘Effectiveness’ Before it Contributes DoD Dollars  – Small Wars Journal

The Pentagon has asked Department of Homeland Security to identify locations where border wall construction would improve the “effectiveness” of military troops deployed there, a key justification required to redirect military construction spending that would otherwise go to local base projects.

In a memo, dated Feb. 18, DoD asked DHS to identify “priorities for potential construction,” a U.S. official familiar with the memo’s contents told Military Times. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is asking for a priority list, as well as the data used to generate that priority list, to help him determine “what projects we support” and what could be delayed, the official said

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