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American Pastor in Turkey Closer to Freedom

An American pastor being held in a Turkish prison is closer to freedom after the US and Turkey have come to an agreement to attempt to settle the dispute, and freeing the pastor.
US and Turkey Agree to Deal with American Pastor Imprisonment Diplomatically  – World Affairs Journal
The United States and Turkey have agreed to deal with the row over detained US pastor Andrew Brunson diplomatically. | Get the Full Story

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Headlines You May Have Missed

Iranian Footballer Gains Public Support for Protesting Economic Crisis

Iranians facing economic hardship have a new hero in the former of footballer Voria Ghafouri, who used his platform to draw attention to the struggles Iranians are facing under an increasingly struggling economy.
‘Bravo Voria!’ cheer Iranian football fans for defender who spoke out on economy  – France 24
Voria Ghafouri – already a star defender for Tehran’s Esteghlal FC – has become a hero in Iranian football for speaking out about an economic crisis that has led to soaring food prices. | Get the Full Story

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May Says No Deal Brexit Could Trigger Conservative Split

Theresa May is still pitching her Brexit deal, hoping for a little fear of Torie revolt to whip her party in shape before the final Brexit vote Brexit:
Theresa May warned dozens of Tories could rebel over no-deal – BBC News
Leaders of the Brexit Delivery group of MPs, comprising Leavers and Remainers, say up to 30 may back alternatives if the PM’s reworked deal isn’t voted on. | Get the Full Story

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New York Court Order Concludes Gun Permit Insufficient Cause for Car Search

A New York Court dealt gun owners a win when it struck down a police car search as being unconstitutional.  The car search was triggered by an out-of-state conceal-carry licence.  The court ruled the license did not justify the search for a gun.
New York Court Order Concludes Gun Permit Insufficient Cause for Car Search  – Ammoland
An out of state concealed carry permit does not establish sufficient cause to warrant a car search for firearms, | Get the Full Story

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Farmers Get $7.7 billion During Trade War….So Far

So far, US farmers have received more than $7 billion from the US Dept of Agriculture as part of a subsidy program designed to offset the effects of tariff war with China..
U.S. farmers receive $7.7 billion in trade aid to date: USDA  – Reuters
U.S. Department of Agriculture has paid out $7.7 billion so far to farmers, William Northey, Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation, said on Friday, in aid designed to offset the negative impact of tariff imposition. | Get the Full Story

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Just Because Mueller is Done, Doesn’t Mean RussiaGate is Done – Leftzilla

Republicans may be celebrating the end of the Mueller investigation, but perhaps they shouldn’t celebrate too quickly.  The end of the Mueller probe might very well be the opening of the next chapter in the Russiagate saga.
Mueller Report Is Likely Just ‘End Of The Beginning’- Crooks and Liars
According to the MSM, Mr. Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Goat Rodeo, our great national psychotic break from reality that has roiled our country, our politics and our culture over the past two years, is coming to an end. | Get the Full Story

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Headlines You May Have Missed

China’s Social Credit System Begins to Take Effect

Millions of Chinese are just now learning that their social credit score is too low for them to be able to travel.
China bars millions from travel for ‘social credit’ offenses  – Times of India
BEIJING: Forgot to pay a fine in China? Then forget about buying an airline ticket. | Get the Full Story

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Saudis Lock Down Oil Deal with the Chinese

The Saudis are extending their arms..and their oil, to the cash-laden Chinese.
Saudi crown prince meets Chinese president, bags oil deal – Times of India
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Friday with China’s President Xi Jinping and bagged a $ 10 billion oil deal, | Get the Full Story

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Turkey Targets 300 More Officers for Arrest

The Turkish government is arresting 300 army officers who have been charged with having ties to the alleged attempted coup in 2016.  
Turkey seeks arrest of 300 army officers: Prosecutors  – Times of India
Turkey on Friday issued arrest warrants for almost 300 active military officers for alleged links to a failed 2016 coup aimed at unseating President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, | Get the Full Story

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Israeli Mission to the Moon Fueled by Spacex

Spacex is on schedule to place an Israeli lander on the moon by mid April of 2019.
SpaceX Falcon Successful Launch of Israeli Moon Mission and Indonesia Satellite – Next Big Future
If there is a successful launch today it will take the small and weak rocket engine almost two months to get the Israeli lander to the moon. It will have to circle out in larger orbits to get captured by the moon’s gravity. Lunar landing would be April 11, 2019. | Get the Full Story

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The Virgin Birth of Mary the Fish’s Offspring

Mary the fish has apparently given birth to babies that were not fertilized by a male fish.  The birth would cost Mary her life.
Scientists solve mystery of a fish called Mary’s ‘virgin’ birth  – Science Daily
A female stickleback fish, nick-named ‘Mary’, has produced offspring from eggs that appear to have been fertilised while they were still inside her, according to scientists at the University of Nottingham.Mary’s unusual pr | Get the Full Story

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Hampshire College Faces Financial End After Trump Election Flag Fiasco

It looks like Hampshire College, the college that flew the flag at half-staff after Trump was elected in 2016, is now facing financial hardship, with the school hoping for last-minute investors to save it.
College that removed American flag after Trump’s election is on the brink of collapse – College Fix
Too few students interested in no majors, no grades, no standards | Get the Full Story

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Concept Modular House Hints at Integration of Vertical Farming with the Home

Two architects are joining forces to work on a concept project called The Farmhouse that seeks to show how vertical farming can be integrated into modular housing.
Precht’s The Farmhouse concept combines modular homes with vertical farms – Dezeen
Precht – the architecture studio of Penda co-founder Chris Precht and his wife Fei – has developed a concept for modular housing where residents would produce their own food in vertical farms. | Get the Full Story

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Even Maduro Critics Are Concerned About US Regime-Change Plan

While Maduro decides to shut down the border with Columbia in an effort to cut off US aid to Venezuela, some are questioning the nature of this humanitarian aid, suggesting Maduro may have good reason to not allow what the United States is calling “aid.”
This Is Not Humanitarian Aid: A Maduro Critic in Venezuela Slams U.S. Plan to Push Regime Change – Democracy Now!
MEDEA BENJAMIN: Excuse me. Just as you are trying to take over the Venezuelan government, I want to say these people are a fraud. They don’t represent the Venezuelan people. | Get the Full Story

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Cows Need Love Too, and So there’s Tudder, Tinder for Cows

‘Tinder for cows’ matches livestock in the mood for love  – Reuters
A Tinder-inspired app is helping farmers match up potential partners for their cattle.
Called “Tudder” – a mix of dating app Tinder and udder – it lets farmers swipe right on cattle they like the look of.
They are then directed to a page on the SellMyLivestock website where they can browse more pictures and data about the animals before deciding whether to buy. | Get the Full Story